Elite Airtight

Airtightness for block walls - Save in heating & cooling


Elite Airtight or Elite Airtight SuperParge

To produce a surface on Blockwork that is airtight (reducing heating & cooling costs).
Brush down the surface to remove dust.
Remove all traces of efflorescence.
Fill any large holes and voids with universal fillers.
Mask and protect any wall fittings, floors etc to protect from overspray.
Mix Elite Airtight thoroughly prior to application.
Preferred application method: high volume airless spray with a spray tip size of 21 thou. and a fan size of 12 inches, followed by back rollering with a medium pile masonry roller to fill perforations. (Alternatively a squeegee can be used instead of a roller to work the coating into all perforations).
Application by Airless Spray:
Elite Airtight as an airtight finish on previously painted or bare block walls:
Apply 1st coat of Elite Airtight to entire surface overlapping each pass 50% to ensure uniformity.
Back roll or squeegee the entire wall, working the coating into all the perforations.
When 1st coat is dry apply a second mist coat of Elite Airtight to the entire surface overlapping each pass by 50% to ensure uniformity.
Spot roll or fill any remaining perforations, prior to starting cleanup works.
Clean up:
Clean spray equipment immediately with warm water
Remove any overspray or small spillages with warm water.
Remove all masking and protection from site to leave area ready for
Elite Airtight can only be applied onto dry substrates:
Do not apply second coat and subsequent coats until the previous coat is completely dry, this can lead to the coating delaminating.
Ensure coating is applied over the complete surface.
Where possible, apply Elite Airtight prior to the installation of suspended ceilings, skirting’s and wall fixings.
Always back roll or squeegee to fill perforations.
Always stir the product thoroughly prior to application.
Do not thin the product prior to application.
Do not apply if the surface temperature is below 8ºC
Alternative application methods:
Standard brush and rolling techniques can be used as an alternative to spraying, however due to the high solid content of the basecoat more materials will be used, the project will take longer to complete and the application will be more labour intensive.
Drying times:
Touch dry:        2 Hours @ 18ºC
Recoat:             6 Hours @ 18ºC

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